Açaí To-Go was founded in 2017 by Rodrigo Lima and Jayson Fittipaldi, two Brazilian friends with a passion for healthy living, surfing, and açaí. Rodrigo owns his own food distribution company called, Crown Group, focusing on importing premium fruit from Brazil to the US. Jayson is a seasoned marketing professional, having co-founded Nobox, a digital agency with clients like Netflix, Reebok and Gatorade, over 18 years ago.

Countless morning surf sessions passed until they began discussing the transparent gap in the market for authentic, non-diluted, açaí in the US. Motivated by their complimentary backgrounds and inspired by their newfound mission to create something new, Rodrigo and Jayson joined heads to create high-quality açaí that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere! Açaí To-Go was born.

Today, Açaí To-Go's mission is to continue empowering the local community in the Amazon through their sustainable and innovative business practices and give back program. In recent months, the "familia" has grown, attracting açaí lovers to join the team and help spread the purple (açaí) love around the nation.

The team is stoked to share this journey with you!

With gratitude,
- The OA Familia



Our product is made from wild harvested, organic açaí berries from the Pará state of the Amazon rainforest. Each tube is filled with over 115 berries, naturally rich in antioxidants and loaded with fiber.


We support the local economy by purchasing wild harvested açaí straight from the local açaí market in the Amazon, empowering local business, preventing deforestation, and preserving native plants. When it comes to packaging, we specialize in using 100% recyclable paper tubes to hold our açaí.


We are redefining convenience through our innovative açaí tubes. Enjoy life as much as possible and take your tubes on your adventures or make açaí bowls at home with no blender and no mess. Açaí To-Go, wherever that may be!


Spreading the love or purple love is our term for giving back. We focus on empowering the families of the Amazon by funding projects that break barriers and inspire academic success. In 2019, we completed our first project and successfully built a library, serving 27 communities along the Amazon river and providing them access to 1,000+ books, periodicals, newspapers, databases, and more. We believe empowered communities ignite an empowered world. When you support us, we support them.